Popcru welcomes danger pay hike for Special Task Force (STF) members

News24 reports that on Thursday, the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) welcomed the increase in danger pay allowances for Special Task Force (STF) members of the SA Police Service (SAPS), but the union added that it still had reservations. Earlier in the week, Popcru lamented what it called a “brain-drain”, which had reached critical levels within the police. In a statement, Popcru’s president, Thulani Ngwenya, said that “highly skilled and specialised members of the STF and NIU divisions are exiting these units at an alarming rate, leaving the country’s borders vulnerable, and posing a significant risk to safety and security”.

But, Richard Mamabolo, the union’s spokesperson, said they were concerned that the decision to increase the allowance was taken outside the bounds of recognised platforms, such as the bargaining council, “once again demonstrating the continued unilateralism on the part of SAPS – and, by implication, an attack on collective bargaining.” He added: “In the same vein, we are of the view that all members within the employ of the SAPS perform dangerous tasks at all levels, and this prompts for a holistic discussion in which all specialised units, including the STF, the NIU, the Tactical Response Team, CAT, Forensics and Public Service Act members, are accommodated.” Mamabolo said the union wanted the entire salary structure of the police to be revamped.

by Nkosikhona Duma

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