DENOSA concerned about unfilled positions in EC Health

SABC News writes that the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA), has expressed concern over the number of positions not filled in the province’s health department. This after over 140 healthcare professionals wrote to Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane urging him to reverse his decision to remove provincial health’s head of department Dr Rolene Wagner from her position. Mabuyane’s shake up of his administration saw five- heads of department including Wagner, moved to the office of the premier from the positions they previously held.

The letter states that Wagner was making progress in tackling various challenges in the province’s health sector. The province has been plagued by staff shortages, leading to service delivery challenges. DENOSA’s Provincial Secretary, Veli Sinqana says, “We are concerned in the Department of Health, because already we are in Hollywood whereby everyone is acting. This one has been taken to the secondment agreement, and in her actual position the chief director who was looking at the district- she has been seconded to act in the position and now, in her own position within the district, someone who was a programmes manager in a particular programme now is acting as the district manager. There’s a vacuum left, who is going to act there, where are they going to rob, to ensure that in that critical position, there’s someone.”

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